Dita Lūse is represented by:

AP Gallery Vilnius
Gallery Museum LV Riga

The people, whose bone structures I paint, are alive. Still, the revealed bones remind of mortality, and thus there is the presence of lifespan, and of time. Because of the presence of mortality there is the urge to become immortal. It is natural that artists try to leave their imprint when working, ready to open their soul to gain eternity. But it is true for most people, and the evidences left may be very diverse, like, for example, the graffiti – all these scratched, scrawled, painted names, images, dates, promises, love stories - they also are attempts to secure the forget-me-not effect, to leave a hack in the eternity. I find it fascinating how people find significant places, to keep their names and dates of their presence there safe. The naive hope that by writing J+B their love will last forever, or the need to write I was here or some just as essential message is a cry from the soul to the eternity.

Earring, oil on canvas, 75x80 cm
Siesta. Oil on canvas, 120x160 cm
I am fascinated by  the emotional impact of light, space and time in painting. The shimmer of light emphasises or hides the space, enhances atmosphere. Past is visible there, in the azulejos, the patterns of marble floors and metal laceworks. The space grants the silence and solitude that many of us look for, while the patterns capture. While observing the patterns one can get distracted and lose oneself, or, quite contrary, experience the moments of awareness and forget about time. 

My works are about love, about the bond with previous generations, and about the way our parents' and grandparents' experiences and memories that we have inherited influence our perception of reality and the decisions we make today. In these works I focus onto the fates of my family in the hinges of history of the 20th century, on the inherited memories. The epoch is portrayed through emotional paintings of old photos and letters viewed from a detached perspective.
In the works of the Fading series I use flowing oil colour to emphasise the way images vanish from our memories. In another series that explores connections, there are portraits of my family members that are related, while separated by five generations.

Influence. 5th Generation. Oil on canvas 120x150 cm 
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